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Quality Policy and objectives…

G.K.Founders Pvt. Ltd. has the quality management system and achievement of our targets; we regularly review our quality policy and objectives every year.

We are one of the Indian company in our domain to have received ISO 9001:2015 certification for overall quality management and the organization’s ability to successfully “meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements.”

Quality Policy…

We are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through manufacture and supply of best quality product training and motivating employees.

We achieve the same with continual improvement in the quality management systems and quality objectives.

Quality Objectives…

  • Moving towards zero rejection.
  • Enhance customers satisfaction by achieving a target of zero complaints.
  • Training of employees at all levels.
  • Technology up gradation.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy…

G.K.Founders Pvt.Ltd. a manufacturer of Aluminium alloy Ingot is committed to take adequate precautions related to environment, health and safety in developing, manufacturing, storing, handling and distribution of both products and in its business.

It is endeavor to achieve sustainability in its business through adhering to principles of “Responsible Care” and to provide a workplace free from accidents, injuries and exposure to hazardous products as well as conserve natural resources like plantation, and protect environment through pollution prevention.

Towards this, we have set our objectives and are committed to:

Provide safety and health training to our employees time to time.

  • By creating proper hygienic working environment.
  • By doing Repairs and maintenance of our building plant and machinery time to time.
  • Comply with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) legislation and statutory, regulatory and other requirements.
  • Use process safety and risk management techniques like Safety training, Operability Studies and Documentation of safety related information to minimize EHS risks associated with our operations.

Equip ourselves to address EHS emergencies.

  • EHS responsibility among all the employees and contractors and impart the requisite training.
  • Share information on health, safety and environmental hazards related to our products with customers, suppliers, vendors and with community.
  • Continually review objectives and set targets to improve our EHS performance.
  • This Policy is reviewed periodically for its continuing suitability to the organization’s current business. Make this Policy available to our customers and suppliers.