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Aluminium Die Casting…

More & more casting applications are making effective use of aluminum as a metal as it is not only superior in performance but also offers low cost-to-production ratio as well as are light in weight. The use of aluminum metal also allows providing highly engineered & complex parts that are conducive, lightweight, corrosion-resistant as well as versatile, thus finding application in many industry applications.


  • Highest Operating Temperatures

  • Outstanding Corrosion Resistance

  • Light Weight

  • Very Good Strength and Hardness

  • Good Stiffness and Strength-To-Weight Ratio

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity

  • High Electrical Conductivity

  • Good Finishing Characteristics

  • Full Recyclability


It is used direct injection die casting. Engine components, pump components, appliance housing. Also in the construction industry, transportation, electrical goods to household appliances, automobiles and marine industries.