In the year 2012, we relocated our manufacturing facilities to Wada, which is an industrial hub with all infrastructural facilities about 70 kms. from Mumbai, the Industrial Capital of India. Our facilities are spread over an area of approx 20,500 Sq. Mtrs. with adequate covered sheds for manufacturing facilities, raw material and finished goods storage, quality control, maintenance, stores, utilities and office area.

We are equipped with modern and updated production facilities including melting furnaces, automated conveyor systems, ingot stacking and packing facilities, In house quality control equipment and other supporting facilities for checking of incoming raw materials, in process materials, and finished goods.

    Our manufacturing and support facilities are as under :

  • Skelner type melting furnaces (8 M.Ton capacity) with auto charger.
  • Vortex furnace for continuous melting of raw material with auto loading facilities.
  • Continuous and automated conveyor system for Aluminium Ingots.
  • Supporting weighing facilities and packing system.
  • Quality control laboratory with SPECTRO.
  • Metallurgical Microscope with photographic attachment.
  • Density Index with porosity tester.
  • Material handling equipment including forklift, trolleys, trailers, etc.

Our Facilities are Mainly Grouped as Under
  • Purchase & Imports
  • Inward R.M. QC
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Maintenance
  • Stores, Logistics & Utilities
  • Office Administration & Security
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